Gary Peitzmeier

Hello! I am Gary Peitzmeier, the driving force behind Dark Sky Adventures, a seasoned storm chaser with over seven years of experience. My passion for weather, especially severe weather and tornadoes, has driven me to embark on countless adventures chasing storms across the Great Plains. But my journey goes beyond chasing storms; it's about sharing the thrill and adventure of living on the road with others.

In my pursuit of excellence, I completed a weather forecasting certificate program at Penn State University. I am constantly immersed in reading and researching ways to enhance my forecasting skills and storm-chasing prowess. My dedication to the craft ensures that you receive the best guidance and expertise during your storm-chasing experience.

Outside the realm of storm-chasing, I have spent over 20 years working in healthcare as a registered nurse and paramedic. I am a loving husband, stepfather, and devoted pet parent. My love for the outdoors drives him to seek new adventures with my wife, creating cherished memories along the way.

My philosophy on storm chasing is encapsulated in these words: "I've never felt more present, grounded, and alive than I do living in the moment, watching Mother Nature's beautiful rage." I am driven by the desire to share these extraordinary moments with fellow adventurers, to live life to the fullest, and to be free during our time together on the road.

With a heart full of passion for the weather and a soul eager to explore, I want to be your ultimate guide to the storm-chasing adventure you've been dreaming of. Join us on a journey to witness Mother Nature at her most powerful, and let the thrill of the chase ignite your spirit.

Storm Talk: Let's Chase Your Questions Away

Ready to embark on a thrilling storm-chasing adventure or curious about our tours? We're here to help! Share your thoughts, queries, or stormy ideas with us, and we'll make sure your journey starts on the right path. Feel free to reach out; we're eager to chase your curiosity away!